Data Analytics are Critical in a Marketing Plan

Aug 12, 2014

We’ve stressed the fact that we are heavy into data analytics — not only during and after a campaign but more importantly, before a campaign even begins. The more data we, as marketing, public relations, and advertising professionals have, the more we can learn about the audience. For instance, what is our audience demographic? How often does our audience look up certain keywords online? Has the audience visited your website or social media profiles in the past? The list of data-gathering questions goes on.

It’s important to have data and be able to analyze it correctly. It provides insight into your market that the old “let’s run this ad or campaign and see what sticks” method does not. Data analytics are proven to not only be more cost-effective, but also to expand the scope of campaigns as more information is discovered and — more vitally — understood.

This is why we, at D2 Media, have constantly pushed analytics. Analytics is extremely important to us, but the data is not the core component of a marketing/PR strategy. It is a supporting component that guides our actions and gives us proven information to back up assumptions or dispel previously held beliefs.

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Analytics plays a major role in this transforming marketing landscape. In the past, analyzing all of your data provided customer insights after the fact. Analysis came in hindsight.