What is Your Brand Content Mission?

Aug 19, 2014

Putting content on your website, social media pages, or in offline print areas is more than just about the quantity of the content. It is very much about the quality and messaging conveyed. What is your brand? How would you define it? How would you express it?

These are important questions to ask yourself when creating or linking to content. If you understand who you are and what you are trying to do, then you need to find and produce content that fits your image. If you don’t have a brand image, then you need to take the time to determine what your brand will be and how you want your brand perceived.

Once you understand your brand, it is time to express it. Here is where the value of carefully crafting your content comes into play. Instead of putting every piece of relevant content out for the world to see, take your time and sift through the clutter. In this respect, you are a publisher and evangelist of your brand — a filter of sorts. You need to structure your content and find a way to make your audience perceive value in what you are producing.

As Greg Satell from DigitalTonto writes:

Research by the Content Marketing Institute estimates that 90% of consumer marketers are investing in content.  Unfortunately, most of those efforts will fail.  In order to succeed, marketers will have to learn to think like publishers.  That will mean more than a change in tactics or even strategy, but a starkly different perspective

This perspective is not about how you see your message and brand; rather what your audience perceives it to be. Before you publish, ask yourself: what is the value of this content and why would your audience care? Just as importantly, will your audience be able to relate to and understand the content you are producing?

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